what I wished someone would say to me.

Just a few hours ago you said that you were in need of kind words and just recently you’re telling me and apparently told yourself first that you’re not as bright as people think you are.

Honey,just so you know,people who truly care about you won’t put any burden on your back with such expectation. We truly love you,with or without your best traits,we truly care about you even when what others can see about you is your bad traits. Stop telling yourself that you don’t deserve the good things in the world or that you’re not good enough,because you’re not only a good human being,you’re a great human being. I’m not talking about what you have achieved or what you will achieve. I’m talking about your heart and soul. You’ve been through a lot of bad events,met the liars,the cheaters,and other terrible stuffs,yet you still have a kind heart and a will to lift other people. You don’t lose your beliefs of the good in people even when they already betrayed you,but do know there’s a thin line between being kind and being a fool. You don’t take revenge on people who did harm to you,even when you are given the chance to. You hardly ever talk about other people in a gossiping kind of way. You forgive others easily,you take care of your family very very well,you’re always ready to lend your hand to those in need,you always make time to meet the people who wants to see you even when your plate were already full. Not to mention,you are very very very generous and sometimes too generous,please do alter a bit of this behavior for you own good. There’s no reason not to love you,and I’m lucky enough that I get to feel your love.